Plain English Proofreading by Julia Brown From £8 per 1,000 words
Plain English Proofreadingby Julia Brown        From £8 per 1,000 words 

Proofreading services from £8 per 1,000 words for international students and anyone wanting to check their written English.

Proofreading client recommendations:


"I have used Julia for nearly 2.5 years time, helping me proofreading articles and chapters for my PhD.(I'm doing a Phd in Innovation and learning). My first language is Danish, so I certainly need someone to proofread my articles. I have found Julia of very much help, and I am highly recommending her." (sic)  

Erik Hallgren



"Many thanks to Julia Brown who did the proofreading and improve the clarity as well as the quality of this text." (sic)                                      

Dr Chimienti (Sociologist)

"Altough Julia Brown's proof reading is reasonable rate, £8 pound for 1000 words, the quality is very high. Thanks to her proof reading, I got A in the essay. Additionally, she is very kind and honest." (sic)                                  

Hisashi Kawano (Sussex University, Masters student)


"My thesis was benefited from the proofreading service of Julia. In addition to her good proofreading skill, Julia's kind support for her non-English speaking clients made the quality of my work improved." (sic)

Jong-Woon Lee* (Sussex University, PhD student)


* If you would like to contact this client by email for a personal proofreading reference, he is happy for me to give you his contact details.

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